NeuroPower Selling Training – Basic

Your Unfair Advantage

Power up your selling with this new, powerful, brain-focused set of techniques that will help you immediately get results.

Neuro-Power Selling – Basics

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate call reluctance — pick-up the phone, network or make a personal visit to a prospect with complete confidence and zero-stress.
  • Discover the power of anchoring and how it can change your life. This is the secret of top sales professionals and world-class athletes.
  • Properly set goals and completely eliminate procrastination. This training incorporates cutting-edge research that will help you understand why you haven’t already reached your highest level goals and what to do to change that.
  • Use the latest sports pyschology techniques for optimizing your sales performance using easy to follow, clear and concise steps.
  • Acquire the winners “Mental Edge” — effortlessly keep commitments, thrive in a team environment, deal with failure, and have grit.

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